Second Assistant | Golf and Grounds

Rye, NY

LOCATION: Westchester Country Club, Rye, New York

DEPARTMENT: Golf and Grounds

JOB TITLE: Second Assistant 

REPORTS TO: Superintendent

COMPENSATION: $15.00-$22.00/hour commensurate with experience, non-exempt position (overtime eligible)


The Second Assistant is responsible for developing a well-rounded knowledge of Golf Maintenance. Along with formal education, this job will prepare the Second Assistant for a Golf Maintenance career. This position will require hands-on work to assist the Superintendent and his team, maintain several Golf Courses, including a PGA course over 400 acres of land. It may also lead to opportunities to represent the Westchester Country Club in a professional and positive manner when attending professional seminars (Metropolitan Golf Course Superintendent’s Association meeting and others…)


To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to execute each essential job function satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions and/or satisfy the productivity, performance or qualification standards for the position.


·         Basic knowledge of rules and etiquette of Golf

·         Assist in Golf course set up and preparation for a day of Golf

·         Assembly of required tools or equipment

·         Operation of motorized equipment

·         Preparation of equipment

·         Location of specific areas of the Golf Course or Grounds

·         Manual and Mechanical raking of sand traps, to ensure well maintained bunkers

·         Rotary mowing

·         Mow greens with a “walk behind” mower or Triplex mower

·         Mow fairways

·         Mow Tees, collars and approaches

·         Operating a string trimmer

·         Irrigation

·         Hand watering to avoid localized dry spots

·         Syringing to help prevent wilt

·         Apply fertilizer-hand spreader uniformly

·         Apply pesticides to ensure healthy turf (reduced disease, insect and weed populations)

·         Aerification process (uniform, no tearing and safe and efficient use of equipment)

·         Topdressing to provide a superior stand of turf

·         Seed and sod work

·         Participate in continuous on the job training

·         General clean up

·         Intermediate mechanical repair to reduce number of breakdowns

·         Assist in light and intermediate construction

·         Positive attitude and strong work ethic

·         Stamina required to work extensive hours during peak season, including week-ends and holidays

·         Self motivated and passionate about Turf management

·         Strong desire to learn, progress and advance career in Turf and Property Management

Incidental Duties

The above list of essential job functions describes the general nature and level of work being performed in this job.  It is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all duties, and indeed additional responsibilities may be assigned, as required, by management.


  • Efficient and accurate preparation for assigned jobs
  • Develop a basic knowledge of the various aspects of Golf and Grounds maintenance, including a good working knowledge of various pieces of equipment
  • Ability to plot and remember landmarks and to follow and understand maps; possess a sense of direction
  • Proficiency in distinguishing the courses, various hole numbers and other areas of the grounds
  • Knowledge of location of sprinkler heads and valve boxes, stamina for continued movement back and forth between holes. Must be able to follow directions as to watering times or number of heads per area, to ensure uniform greenery.
  • Knowledge and observation of maintenance standards at all times
  • Safe and efficient operation of maintenance equipment at all times, including following safe operating procedures and using appropriate action
  • Being attentive to details
  • Avoiding unnecessary equipment breakdown and informing the mechanic of any suspected problems
  • Ability to work long hours, flexible shifts, under various outdoors conditions
  • Desire to improve overall aesthetics and play-ability on the golf course and grounds (i.e. assures that the cutting pattern consists of straight lines, and is aesthetically pleasing).
  • Participate in training sessions, field days and specialized seminars. Demonstrate desire to learn and better oneself.


The following describes the general qualifications and physical, sensory and mental abilities normally associated with performing the essential functions of this position.


  • Graduate of an approved Turf related program (a two or four related degree/certificate)
  • Previous experience operating mechanical tools preferred
  • Previous experience working outdoors under various weather conditions
  • A Valid Driver’s License, and the ability to operate a standard shift
  • Ability to obtain a NYS DEC (Department of Environmental Conservation) Technician’s Applicator License


  • Must possess a good sense of direction, i.e. ability to plot and remember landmarks and follow and understand maps
  • Basic mechanical understanding of Grounds equipment, including knowledge of how to fuel equipment, check proper fluid levels and tire pressure
  • Knowledge of safe operation of equipment
  • Skilled in manual and mechanical labor: must be able to operate a truckster, use a shovel and a mechanized sand rake
  • Ability to maneuver various mowers (walk-behind, Triplex…), and walk to the assigned holes with the machine as well as ability to retain cutting patterns within greens perimeters, and turns are off the greens and not sharp while being observant for hydraulic leaks.
  • Ability to calibrate and operate a hand spreader
  • Common knowledge of Pesticide application equipment
  • Common knowledge of Turf related diseases and insect problems
  • Ability to do basic math for chemical calibration
  • Ability to drive a tractor and Cushman, including knowledge of calibration procedure and protective clothing.
  • Ability to operate a self-propelled aerifier, Triplex verticut machine and Cushman with coreharvester, with proper use of golf cart and drag net.
  • Knowledge of location of quick couplers at green and tee areas
  • Ability to manipulate a long length of hose without disrupting play
  • Knowledge of “Hot Spots” on greens
  • Ability to drive topdressers in appropriate pattern and apply material in a uniform manner
  • Intermediate mechanical repair: ability to change oil, filters, plugs and tires and provide general assistance to mechanics
  • Ability to drive trucks/dumptrucks


  • The ability to read and understand instructions in English
  • Must be able to communicate & interact professionally with members & employees in English language.


  • Ability to lift and move a 50 lb bag. Extensive walking.
  • Physical dexterity and endurance with a mechanized sand rake, shovel, edging tools, etc…
  • Physical strength and endurance to work long hours outdoors in various weather conditions
  • Ability to work 6-7 days a week in Peak season, including early mornings and flexible shifts per WCC business needs.

JOB CODE: 12032736