On-Call Server

Rye, NY


At Westchester Country Club, the Banquet Server will consistently perform service that exceeds the expectations of the guests being served, by anticipating their needs. Towards that goal, every Banquet Server must be impeccably groomed with a clean and tailored uniform, outstanding knowledge of service and waiter skills, the ability to communicate well, a very positive demeanor, the ability to work in a team atmosphere, and motivation to “go the extra step”.  They will attend to the needs of members and guests according to well established rules of dining etiquette and perform various incidental duties to provide superior service in banquets. Holidays (Easter, July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve are a MUST WORK)


  • Perform assigned pre-banquet side-duties.
  • Handle assigned station and assist other waiters with their station as necessary.
  • Anticipate and fulfill the needs and requests of members and guests.
  • Attend pre-function meeting to receive instruction about menu and service.
  • Remember and carry out all instructions of the Captain or Banquet Manager.
  • Assist in setting up buffet stations.
  • Serve members or guests in a timely manner; places dishes, by course, in front of each person, according to the instructions of the Banquet Manager from the left of the guest with the left hand.
  • Constantly check on guests in their assigned station to ensure guest satisfaction.
  • Fold napkins and straighten place setting during the event when guests are not at their table.
  • Pours and refills wine, water and coffee and/or other beverages served with and after the meal.
  • Clears soiled dishes to the break-down area as needed carrying no more than three plates and settings, clearing from the right with the right hand.
  • Observe guests and respond to any additional requests and to determine when meal has been completed.
  • Advise supervisor of any complaints as soon as they occur.
  • Performs assigned clean-up and closing duties such as removing linen, bussing glasses, dishes, silverware, stack chairs, fold and move tables, return all supplies to storage areas, clean waiter areas, etc.

JOB CODE: 12032198