Cabana Attendant

Rye, NY


Cabana Attendants are responsible for attending to the members cabanas by providing a clean, safe environment and offering ice, snacks and beverages throughout the day. Cabana Attendants should be in excellent physical fitness, as this position requires frequent standing and walking for extended periods of time and maintain a professional appearance and attitude at all times.


REPORTS TO: Cabana Supervisor

COMPENSATION: Non-exempt (overtime eligible), hourly compensation

BENEFITS: Free meals, free parking, free uniform



• Each Cabana Attendant tends to their assigned cabanas as well as their bay partners cabanas if needed.

• Cabanas are to be opened and the furniture is to be set up outside the cabana and in the sand areas before the holder arrives.

• The cabanas shower and dressing areas are to be cleaned daily.  (Vacuumed, dusted, etc.)

• Glasses and any utensils used for eating and drinking are to be cleaned daily in the Gun Club dishwasher.

• Distribute ice upon cabana holders’ arrival and refill as requested throughout the day.  

• Sidewalk and deck areas around the cabanas are to be kept clean and free of sand.  

• Cabana attendants are to report to management about any repairs that need to be made.

• Lunch and snacks are served by cabana attendants.

• After cabana holders leave for the day, attendants are to clean up the cabanas, unless cabana holders are remaining beyond 6:00pm. If anyone plans to stay, check to see if they need anything before you go.

• Performs miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned


• Good interpersonal skills

• Proactive in anticipating and responding to members’ needs

• Comfortable with taking direction, as well as communicating with co-workers

• Highly responsible and well-organized in tending to members daily needs

Minimum age requirement for this position is 17 if there is no serving of alcohol. All Cabana attendants who serve alcoholic beverages need to be at a minimum 18 years old to meet NYS Minor Law Guidelines.

JOB CODE: 1000671