Assistant Golf Course Superintendent

Rye, NY


The assistant golf course superintendent reports directly to the golf and Grounds superintendent. Under the superintendent’s supervision, the assistant superintendent directs and participates in the maintenance of the golf course tees, greens, fairways, and cart paths; supervises the maintenance and repair of motorized and other mechanical equipment; and does related work as required. The assistant superintendent may serve in the superintendent’s capacity during his / her absence.


  • Assists in planning and supervising the maintenance of greens, tees and fairways; schedules work; and supervises the employees and the use of the equipment.
  • Instructs equipment operators on the operation and care of mowing and other equipment; supervises pesticide applications and / or operates and calibrates pesticide application equipment; and supervises and participates in the operation and maintenance of pumps, and in the maintenance of irrigation and drainage systems.
  • Assists in personnel management and evaluation, employee safety and personnel discipline
  • May modify the daily work schedule based on professional interpretation  
  • Efficient and accurate preparation of job assignments – good managerial techniques
  • Good knowledge of the various aspects of Golf and Grounds maintenance, including a good working knowledge of various pieces of equipment
  • Ability to plot and remember landmarks and to follow and understand maps; possess a sense of direction
  • Proficiency in distinguishing the courses, various hole numbers and other areas of the grounds
  • Knowledge of location of sprinkler heads and valve boxes, stamina for continued movement back and forth between holes.
  • Knowledge and observation of maintenance standards at all times
  • Safe and efficient operation of maintenance equipment at all times, including following safe operating procedures and using appropriate action
  • Being attentive to details
  • Ability to work long hours, flexible shifts, under various outdoors conditions
  • Desire to improve overall aesthetics and play-ability on the golf course and grounds
  • Positive attitude and strong work ethic
  • Stamina required to work extensive hours during peak season, including week-ends and holidays. 
  • Self motivated and passionate about Turf management 
  • Strong desire to learn, progress and advance career in Turf and Property Management. 



The following describes the general qualifications and physical, sensory and mental abilities normally associated with performing the essential functions of this position.

Education and Experience:

  • Graduate of an approved Turf related program (2 or 4 years)
  • Previous experience operating mechanical tools preferred
  • Previous experience working outdoors under various weather conditions
  • A Valid Driver’s License, and the ability to operate a standard shift
  • Ability to obtain a NYS DEC (Department of Environmental Conservation) Technician’s Applicator License

Knowledge, Skill, abilities Requirements/Specialized Courses and/or Training:

  • Working knowledge of the maintenance of golf course tees, fairways and greens; seeding and maintenance practices for golf course turf, planting, cultivating, pruning and caring for plants, shrubs and trees; characteristics and proper use of various fertilizers and soil conditioners; herbicides and pest control methods and materials; drainage control methods; and irrigation systems, including wells, pumps and automatic controls. 

Language and Communication Skills:

  • Must be able to communicate & interact professionally with members & employees in English language.

Physical, sensory and motor demands:

  • Ability to lift and move a 50 lb bag. Extensive walking.
  • Physical dexterity and endurance with a mechanized sand rake, shovel, edging tools, etc…
  • Physical strength and endurance to work long hours outdoors in various weather conditions
  • Ability to work 6-7 days a week in Peak season, including early mornings and flexible shifts per WCC business needs.

BENEFITS: Medical, dental, meals, uniform, generous paid time off, Housing (or Housing Stipend), 401K, Career Development, Golf.

JOB CODE: 1000322